Lemax Hints and Tips

Hints and tips for your Lemax village scene, from painting to animating
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Re Painting Lemax Village Buildings

Re Painting Lemax Village Buildings

Any of the basic water based paints can be used to re paint your porcelain buildings, Ensure the surface is dry and clean, carefully paint the selected areas and let dry, preferably overnight. Once dry you can then add vines etc to the walls for effect. The vines / plant material can be obtained...

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Village Backdrop Choice of 4 different designs 2018

Village Backdrop Choice of 4 different designs 2018

Silhouette of Village Scene laser cut from 3mm MDF ( Craftwood ). Ready for paint and detailing if required. We painted the samples charcoal with winter effects of snow. The winter effect is simply white paint sponged on with "Diamond Dust" snow glitter which is available from us. Slots...

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