2/ Scale

Lemax Village buildings and the figures are not the same scale. Just compare the height of a figure and the front door of any of the buildings. No way will the figures get through the door!
What Lemax has done by using the size of the figures they have is to add expression and atmosphere to the scenes. If the figures had matched the buildings a lot of the whimsical feel of the village would have been lost.
The different scales just need to be seperated with the figures in the foreground with a backdrop of the buildings and trees.
In a technical sense the buildings are around 1:55 and the figures are 1:35 or something like that. 1:55 means that the building is approximately 55 times smaller than one in the real world. You have entered the world of scale modelling! As I said a Lemax Village scene is a whimsical scene where although the scales vary in the scene the overall concept is very much a "Feel Good" view. If you like what you have done then you have achieved what all of us aspire to. Creating a scene that means Christmas to you and your visitors.

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