1/ Planing / Getting Started

The Village

Everyone starts their village as a blank canvas, from there each village will be set up for the buildings / animations that they have and area available, so overtime the village morphs into something different as things are added or more space is allocated. Remember that no one judges your village, and any suggestions are just that, if you are happy with your village then it is perfect!
Some of our customers have generously allowed us to show their village, these ones in "Getting Started" are from 2018, but there are also some from 10+ years ago. The intention is to highlight the facets of the village that for beginners are easy to miss.

How to begin

First step is how much space do you have? A mantle piece or the top of a pool table or even a purpose built room! Determine what limitations for size and get a feel for what may go where. Some of the early things you need to consider are;
1/ Am I going to put in a Lemax train or a model train? The Lemax train has a smaller footprint and is a simple addition, whereas a model train minimum size is usually 90cm x 90cm but the larger the more realistic.
2/ Am I going to have mountains, ski runs, tunnels and different levels. Will I just have a few levels to aid in the display of my buildings / animations. Will I have a seaport scene, a busy township or a bit of both.
3/ Electricals ideally should be planned to avoid having to dig up some of your finished work to add a new addition.
The list can go on, but at least give yourself some basic plan on what you want to achieve!

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