LC Lobster Trap Kit

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Instructions for Assembly of LC Lobster Traps

Each packet contains enough pieces for three Lobster Traps ( a sample is provided )

Seperate the pieces by sizes and shapes. You need one base, two ends arch shaped , then long pieces for the main body and short pieces to close up the ends. The long pieces are the same size as the base.

Before you start I suggest having a couple of weights to hold the end pieces square as you get the basic shape done. An image of these steel blocks are below. I like blocks 30x30 or thereabouts but whatever your local metal fabricator has as offcuts. If you make these three lobster pots at a time you will have less time lost waiting for the glue to dry ( PVA Glue users ).

1/ the two ends are glued on top of the base. If you use PVA Glue you will need to let them dry before continuing on with the long pieces. If you use a superglue you will be able to continue to step 2.

2/ Put a touch of glue in the rebates in the ends and make sure the long pieces are flush with the ends. You may have to do this in a couple of sessions depending on the glue you use.

3/ Your basic shape is now complete and if you are going to paint or stain it is easier to do this now while you have access to the inside.

4/ The end pieces will need to be trimmed to suit the ends, a sharp hobby knife or small model saw will do this. Cut and fit these as you go.

5/ Once completely dry give the pieces a sand to smooth up the ends with the long pieces. These Lobster Traps were assembled by the fishermen with whatever they had and were knocked around in use, so don't make them perfect, they need to look well used.

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